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It’s time to give back. Our community in music has given us so much and it’s time to empower you, young passionate creatives, to dip your toes into the industry, develop your creative skills and get directly involved with Majoris Music, an industry-disrupting start-up. 


Successful applicants will choose from two of 4 Majors, developing their skills in each Major over 6 weeks. From embarking upon creative projects within the company, to one-on-one mentoring sessions by industry professionals and successful creatives, you’ll have the opportunity to build yourself in the music industry. 


The 4 Majors: 








The Opportunities:


 £250 creative grant

- 1-1 mentoring with industry professionals and creatives

- Creatively express your passion and skills

- Build and expand your network

- Come to artist and industry meetings, gigs, celebration events and socials

- Ownership and delivery of key projects

- Influence the 'big ideas' of an emerging platform disrupting the industry




Who are you?


- Someone who has a true, genuine passion for music

- Someone who's ready to harness their uniqueness and bring it to the table

- Someone who has a passion and willingness to develop in your chosen Majors

- Someone who's ready to make waves, do things differently and deliver quality impact


If you see yourself in any of these, and want to become major - please apply!

Applications are currently closed. Check back with us a little  later!

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