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This Story? It's Major

Who are we? This is life's golden question, isn't it? On par with 'what's our purpose in life', or 'what even is reality?!'.

Whilst there may well be a philosophical rambling here or there, we - Majoris Music - are here for one thing only, our overriding love in this life: good music.

We’ve been listening to music and building playlists for some time, and now we want to share it all with you. Whilst we can’t answer all of life’s philosophical questions, some questions we can confidently answer are ‘what should I be listening to?’, ‘what actually is good music?’ and ‘who's up and coming that I should look out for?’.

Here, we'll be sharing every aspect of our love for music, with opportunities for you to get involved, get on the radar, and become Major.

You can explore all of our Majors, from in-depth reviews of some amazing musical experiences to features on friends of Majoris and many songs we love.

You can explore our playlist


Best of all, you can reach out and be a part of Majoris. And if you think you're the answer to any of the questions above, let us know.


But until then, keep listening.   

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about here

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Image by Gradienta

The Curator

What do we live for? What's our purpose? 

Born with a desire to explore, experience and curate, Majoris Music is the perfect combination. We all know that music is impactful, and that feeling of finding a new song that almost changes your life is almost incomparable. That's the chase, to find the next best song. But along the way, sharing the power of music and helping others connect their own dots, that's powerful. 

Explore, experience and curate. 

Find new experiences,

enjoy them and then share. 

Featured Playlist

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Image by Gradienta


Music has always been a guiding force in my 

life. Even in the most trying times, it has been the 

compass, rudder and wind that has made sense

of any rough waters. 


So away from boating metaphors, it only made sense that Majoris Music was born with the man to my left.


And that, in itself, is my bio. My music is my origin story, my present day and my future too. It is a force that intertwines with every part of my life and that's all anyone really needs to know about me.

Because in that - you know everything!

Featured Playlist

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